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life is shiny;

with hope, you can do your part to turn a life around.

★ Christine Marie
9 August
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★ c h r i s t i n e m a r i e
27. vibrant. star of the show. tummyproject.org. polyamorous. passionate. considerate. fangirl. supergeek. curvy cupcake. housewife. leo. dragon. volunteer. overachiever. optimistic. stoner. actor. vegetarian. adventurous. submissive. queer. activist. restless. gryffindor. fag hag. tattooed. pierced. dyed. flirty. work-in-progress. little. colorful. creative. enfj. inspired. recovering bulimic. loving. confidant. event coordinator. show-off. fighter. decent cook. terrible dancer. textual. organized. gregarious. prone to frequently squee. baker. awesomesauce.
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Registration Volunteer: Frolicon

Fun Chair: Southeast Leatherfest

is enamored with ★ aragorn. body mods. celine dion. cole turner. comedians. dancers. edward cullen. fiyero tiggular. fred & george weasley. gays. gilbert grape. glasses. idina menzel. inara serra. jack skellington. jim carrey. joe walker. johnny depp. johnny rzeznik. kristin chenowith. kurt hummel. lady gaga. leo wyatt. maggie gyllenhaal. malcolm reynolds. mister big. mister greene. musicians. neil patrick harris. p!nk. nerds. neville longbottom. nick carter. rick moranis. sheldon cooper. smiles. stephen colbert. strongbad. tim curry. vienna teng. volunteers. zidane tribal.

detests ★ abuse. aerith gainsborough. bigots. cancer. heart disease. hunting. lucius malfoy. meat. naysayers. national organization for marriage. oil spills. pessimism.
friends only. ♥
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"be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
★ dr. seuss

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